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Guilan Province at a Glance

Guilan province with covering  a surface  area of 14042 square kilometers , (9% of the whole country ) is located in the north of Iran along the Caspian sea coast neighboring some central  Asian states from the north .

Guilan province  weather raising from the effect of Alborz mountain weather and Caspian sea  and  is composed of 16 towns with a relative population density of 171 people per square kilometer ,accommodating 2.5 million people altogether .

The province is endowed with suitable climate and natural beauties including 300 km of coastlines.forest areas, mountains  terrains  ,low hills and numerous resorts.



Guilan Science & Technology Park(GSTP) at a Glance


Small and medium sized enterprises have defined specifications and play an important role in economy and global commerce. Some of these specifications include:

·              Flexibility towards market and environment change

·              Limited initial capital

·              Fast results of activities and innovations

·              High efficiency capital

·              These enterprises are the main motivator of entrepreneurship

In addition to the mentioned specifications, these enterprises are focused on science and technology.

Providing suitable foundation for the creation and development of technology and the practical use of local specialized capabilities and providing basis for attracting innovative and creative human resources requires the introduction of products and services of active enterprise into national and international markets.

Nowadays, economics define innovation as the most important factor for acquiring competition power in the global market. The main aspect in an innovative economical process is its high risk. In order to promote innovation based on available resources, competition advantages and risk reduction, science parks and incubation centers can play a key and basic role for start-up small and medium enterprises. According to this, supporting small and medium enterprises is the main priority for an economy development plan in most countries. Science and technology parks can manage the flow of technology and science at universities, research centers, and technology-based small and medium enterprises by emphasizing involved elements in the innovation cycle. Science and Technology parks are social foundations that can relate to goals, policies, and development infrastructures of every country, and can be considered for regional and national development strategy.



According to higher education council proclamation, Guilan Science and Technology Park (GSTP) launched its activities since August 2003 in the city of Rasht. In 2004, the first incubation center titled Communication and Information Technology Incubation Center was opened. Nowadays, the infrastructure and satellite center of GSTP consist of the following:

1-       Guilan Incubation Center (2004)

2-       Anzali Incubation Center (2008)

3-       Natural Resources and Agricultural Incubation Center (2013)

4-       Roudbar Incubation Center (2008)

5-       Rasht Islamic Azad University Incubator Center(20015)

6-       Talesh Tourism & Related Industry Incubation Center (2015)

7-       Astara Satellite Incubation Center (2008)

8-       Astaneh Satellite Incubation Center (2005)

9-       Roudsar Satellite Incubation Center (2008)


At present more than 230 Tech-based companies and research groups  are located in GSTP



Creation of Technology and Science hub in the north of Iran with emphasis on ecological and economical  capabilities of the region  and relationship with Caspian sea realm countries.



Creation of appropriate infrastructure for development of knowledge- based SMEs with a link among industry, technology and research in order to achieve the goals and emphasis on economic knowledge-based development.



*          Technology Transfer

*          Facilitation the  commercialization of technology

*          Contribute to regional development and prosperity

*          Assistance in SMEs establishment

*          Enhancement of value added by improvement of knowledge and technology –based activities

*          Development of entrepreneurial activities compatible with climate  features and capabilities of region

*          Facilitation of technology transfer from research and academic centres to industry

*          Providing the opportunity for entering SMEs to international market by Anzali free-trade zone.



 Fields of activities

*          Information & communication Technology(ICT)

*          Electronic, Mechatronics

*          Mechanics

*          Biotechnology

*          Nano Technology

*          Planning and Modeling of Tourism (Agro tourism, Rural tourism,Eco tourism ,…)

*          Agro Industries ( Agriculture, Fishery,…….)

*          Environmental Engineering.


Other Infrastructures and Capacities:

Launch of creativity center in 2010 and establishment of associated offices in 36 university, research, and executive centers in the province of Guilan, along with attracting, recognizing, and supporting technology-based ideas of the youth.


The building area of GSTP is 13000 square meters containing administrative areas, workrooms, and laboratories presented to individuals and SMEs.



   Responsibilities and Relations (National & International) :

·              Management of GSTP Human Resources Executive Board from 2007 to 20015

·              Iranian Regional intellectual property reference since 2010

·              Secretariat of the Techmart Executive Council since 2012

·              Member  of  the  board of directors  of International Association of Science Parks(IASP) in two consecutive  years(2008,2009)

·              Representative of west Asia  science parks in International Association of Science Parks  in two consecutive  years(2008,2009)

·              Secretariat of the Inter-Islamic Network on Science and Technology Parks (INSTP) since


·              Export site of knowledge- based products or services to CIS countries since 2014 
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