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Support and Services

Incubation phase:

1- The developing phase

It refers to a phase in which a risk taker possesses a novel idea  with a potentially viable market but lacks the required resources or commercial experience for putting the idea into practice.


2- Initiation phase:

By the Initiation phase is meant a phase in which a company or firm lacks any background what so ever and its working team has not yet been formed and no income has been gained. There is not any business plan or is at the start of its activities.


3- Expansion

The company gains a limited income from the product at this phase. However, the technological applications of the product have been recognized in the market.


4- Development phase:

The production line of the product is expanded by the company and the main product is at the focal point .At this stage the company changes its managerial position from informal to formal position.

5- Maturity phase:

The company is established in the market and is in need of innovation to remain in competitive market.



It is a process in which the preliminary idea is directed toward a commercial product. In other words, taking an idea or innovative plan to a marketable position via standardization of production procedures in order to transfer or present the knowledge is referred to as commercialization

Facilities & support services

1- Facilities & infrastructure services entail the following items;

·       lab equipment

·       Warehouse services

·       Provision of specialized equipment needed by the company


2- Financial supports & credits

·       Financial support especially rendered to technology units & technology core

·       Financial support to semi- industrial projects related to technological institutes

·       Assistance in receiving special credits from other sources


3- Services & facilities of information & communication technology

·       Internet service provision concerning  local websites & the available information sources

·       Allotting email and the required spaces for creating websites

·       Ancillary equipment & hardware / software facilities

·       Internet subscription

·       Workshop services for prototype production

·       Exhibition services

4- Management & Engineering consultancy services

·       Taxing consultancy

·       Legal advice

·       Law consultancy

·       Technological consultancy

·       Insurance consultancy

·       Business consultancy

·       Technological & engineering consultancy

·       Banking consultancy


5- Logistic services

·       Accommodation (administrative , laboratory , workshop facilities)

·       Conference hall & meeting room

·       Typing & duplication

·       Telecommunication

·       Administration

·       Secretariat

·       Library


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