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Regional references for intellectual property

The required perquisite to materialize the science & technology movement (The software movement) is to institutionalize the notion of intellectual property as the basic tenet of national innovation strategy.

The patent registration office affiliated to I.R. of Iran's Judiciary power is in charge of safeguarding the legal and regulatory aspects of intellectual properties whereas the executive responsibilities have been assigned to Iran's scientific & Industrial Research Institute.

 The management of property right based in Iran's  Scientific & Industrials Research institute is responsible to develop the foundations of intellectual property right and provide the necessary materials & spiritual supports to inventor's & innovators within the country .

 The institute is also mandated to register the patents, provide the required environment and facilities for carrying out scientific reviews and provide supports to the property rights.

Guilan science & technology Park has been designated as a regional reference for intellectual property in 2009 in order to coordinate and organize the growing demands for supplying scientific evaluations of inventions in line with attempts to benefit from the advantages of international patent law.

 The available services include:

·       Evaluating the domestically registered patents.

·       Evaluating the patents registered aboard

·       Supporting the patents registered abroad

·       Consultancy services for domestic patent registration

·       Consultancy services for registering the patent abroad

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