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Creativity Nutrition Forum

Guilan's creativity nurturing forum was established in the year 2009 with a view to help nurture creativity & innovation among the youth and young generation possessing novel ideas. High school students, alumni university students and university graduates lower than 30 years of age who have innovative ideas in various fields of basic sciences and engineering fields may benefit from the supports and facilities provided by the creativity nurturing forum.


Admission in creativity nurturing forum


The services presentable include:

-        Scientific, technical & specialized consultancy

-        Provision of disposable materials and consumable items for prototype production  

-        Assistance in registering patents of inventions and their scientific evaluation  

-        Laboratory equipment and workshops needed for actual production of the intended product Setting the ground for introduction & presentation of the achievements in provincial & national exhibitions.


The liaison offices of creativity nurturing forum in educational centers & provincial universities are as follows:

·       Creativity nurturing forum of fisheries sciences located in Dr Dadman international sturgeon research institute.

·       Caspian technological Faculty (technology faculty – university of Tehran)- Rezvanshahr

·       Lahijan Islamic Azad university

·       Bandar Anzali Islamic Azad university

·       Rasht Islamic Azad university

·       Rudbar payam-e- Nour university

·       Rudsar payam-e-Nour university

·       Jehad-e- Daneshgahi applied & scientific university- Bandar Anzali

·       Jehad-e- Daneshgahi applied & scientific university- Rudsar

·       Rudsar Islamic Azad university

·       Lahijan academic research institute

·       Bandar Anzali academic research institute

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